Why Garcinia Cambogia Extract Is So Good For The Body

Garcinia Cambogia is marketed as an effective weight loss supplement. The primary ingredient, HCA or Hydroxycitric acid, is the agent that promotes weight loss, or to be more accurate, acts to prevent weight gain. HCA has a number of other potential benefits as well.

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Furthermore, an added benefit such as making one feel better tends to be highly subjective. If you take a number of supplements, and many people do, you should feel better if you are taking the right ones. If you are taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements alone, or with one or two other supplements and you notice a significant improvement in the way you feel, there may be something to it. Some might argue that if a person expects to feel better, a placebo-like effect may kick in, and that person actually will, but it’s really a case of whatever works, and if HCA works, that should suffice. Here is some great general Garcinia Cambogia information.

HCA is believed to increase serotonin levels, and has been shown to do so in laboratory tests on rats. Increased serotonin levels provide positive mood enhancement and promote sound sleep. Garcinia Cambogia is thought to improve various nervous system functions, including an increased ability to focus and concentrate. Whether taking the supplement actually increases muscle mass is yet to be proven, but regular use of the supplement does appear to noticeably improve one’s physical well-being and overall health.

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