About Us

Norton Buffalo is a band that seeks to connect music with diet tips and nutritional excerpts for losing weight with Garcinia Cambogia.

The perception on weight and nutrition is different to everybody. Some view a slightly chunkier and heavier frame as still normal if they do not get sick, but others might have an entirely opposite opinion. As they say, we can’t please everybody. That is how extreme weight loss was born at the contact page.

How we look like to other people and how they see us can be a nagging thought at the back of everybody’s head. We are all conscious of our appearance and do not want to appear out of the norm. This inborn trait in the majority of us made weight loss fads a big hit. Even those who are not that much on the heavier side wants to join in on the trend and without second thoughts, subject their bodies to rigorous exercise routines and starving diets to be in on the weight loss band too. That is when losing weight can become detrimental to one’s health. One need not lose what they do not have. When you push your bodies to the limit in your effort in trying to lose weight, you also deprive your body of the essential nutrients and sustenance to fuel it for its daily functions. Make sure that you do not engage in activities that are considered too much for your body. We may be young and strong for now, but eventually, everything that we do will take its toll on our body and we would eventually have to pay a high price for it. Learn to embrace your unique traits and make the most out of what you have.

Therefore, the definition of what is normal and what is not should be clearly stated and understood by everybody so that untoward situations and outcomes can be avoided. We must all learn to love our bodies and not strive to achieve something that is not the gallery of garcinia cambogia.