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NB Health News
September 2

I was out on the road most of this summer with The Steve Miller Band. We've had a ball touring throughout the U.S and just returned home from the Summer stretch. We will back out some more in October and November. Be on the lookout for that to release next spring!. Stevie Guitar Miller and I are now celebrating our 34th year of rocking and rolling together!!

While the shows, the music, and the crowds were all great and included some interesting weather conditions, my health, unfortunately, was not happy. I thought that I was developing some kind of asthma, with shortness of breath, wheezing and other asthma like symptoms. All of this was of course affecting both my harmonica playing and my singing as it seemed that there just wasn't enough air on the planet for what I was trying to do. As I was having such a challenging time breathing, when the shows were over, I was just whooped to the core, could no longer rest comfortably on my right side and was basically miserable. I visited my doctor on a short trip home and when he examined me, he missed it entirely, saying that he didn't see any thing serious, that my lungs sounded fine.

When we arrived in New York City on the morning of August 17, I knew that something was seriously wrong with my body. I spent several hours on the computer and phone, seeking out a pulmonary doctor who would see me. I found a great doctor, and he, very shortly, diagnosed that I had pneumonia ... and that I had probably had it for the entire summer tour. I was prescribed a course of antibiotics and considering that we only had 7 shows to go ... and that I'd already made it through the whole summer with this bug untreated, that I could take the drugs and tough it out till the tour was finished, as I would certainly be getting better each day. The following shows, went about the same, still very hard to breath .. “Where Is My Air?”

Throughout this summer tour, I had also been supporting my health with a very strict diet, acupuncture, Chinese Traditional Medicine, and other supplements and have been consulting with nutritionists, herbalist and others in my nationwide circle of friends. I have counseled with my brother Wes, who is an MD and he helped guide and counsel me regarding the Western Medicine side of things. I counseled with several amazing healers, including, Doc MacKimmie, and Dolora Deal, who all offered great support, insight and counsel. I've had a lot of prayers and positive energy coming to me from all over the world. To all of those who have given their time to support my healing in all ways, I hold a great debt of gratitude and love. I also wish to thank all of the doctors, nurses and supporting staff at Feather River Hospital in Paradise for their excellent care. Blessings to all of you.

When I arrived home from Boston, on Sunday night, I was so happy to be home. Our home in Paradise is so beautiful right now with Lisa's garden going strong and so much wonderful food to eat off our property. Unfortunately, later that evening, I started having some serious coughing spasms that went on for hours. My wife wanted me to go to the hospital that night and I refused. I wanted to relish my first night at home.

First thing Monday morning, Lisa called a local pulmonary specialist and he recommended that I go check into the hospital ER. We headed to the hospital and I am now about to begin my third day here. My pneumonia had gotten worse and there were signs that it was not your average, easy to kill kinda funk. I've been poked prodded and had a load of diagnostic tests and procedures. Without going into all the details, lets just say that the doctors have confirmed what I knew all along. I am seriously ill and need to let them use their big guns to get through this bug and onward to good health.

September 10

OK, so I thought that pneumonia was a bad bug ... but, YIKES! ... Last Wednesday night (Sept 2), I got the word from my doctor, that I had cancer in my lower right lung which has spread around a bit. Technically speaking it's considered a Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma of the lower right lobe. Thursday I got the results from my MRI, that it is in my brain as well.

So Lisa and I headed up to Montana to see an old friend of hers who is an amazing healer, J.C. Hugh MacKimmie. You can find out more about Doc MacKimmie, or order a book about his life through this site Presence of Angels • A Healer's Life
Doc MacKimmie worked on me for a couple days and it was amazing to feel the transformation happening in my body. I wanted to do this before the Western doctors began trying to pummel my devine body with toxic chemicals and radiation. I am already seeing that my body can change the reality it is facing today and become whole again. I will take this all one day at a time. I feel truly blessed!!!

September 25

I was, unfortunately, back in the hospital here in Paradise for 7 days (9/16 - 9/22) trying to get my lungs healthier and stronger. Thus far, it seems like the only part of my right lung that is alive, is the cancer, and the rest is either collapsed, dead or abscessed. The doctors seem to think that if we can get better control of the pneumonia and infections within that lung that, I can get out of this hospital and back home, where I will certainly get more rest and loving care. Of course there is still a lot of healing needed to get my body 100% stable and "out of the woods".
My doctors here at Feather River Hospital are all wonderful and have been doing their best job in treating me. I thank them for all they have done.

I am so happy to be back home in our beautiful house! New furnishings arrived just before I got here. I now have my own adjustable bed in the living room looking out to the orchards flowers and woods in our front yard. I'm getting used to dragging a long green oxygen hose behind me as I wander round the house. I have been slowly catching up on all the sleep I lost in the hospital and chowing down on the delicious food that Lisa puts before me. Pretty much macrobiotic although I've cheated a few times to have an egg or some chicken soup. (mmmm!!) Lisa is helping administer antibiotics and breathing treatments and keeps putting my piles of pills in front of me. The pain I've been having has become manageable and it seems that I am getting stronger each day.

Next week I am going to being a regiment of Chemotherapy that will hopefully get this tumor to back off and thus keep the pneumonia at bay.

I am still doing some alternative treatments. Next week I will be having two native American healing ceremonies that I am hoping will recharge and redirect my body and spirit toward the healing necessary on this bumpy road ahead. I am reaching out to all ancestors for help with my healing. I will open my body and spirit to their power and healing.

October 12

It has been nearly a month and a half since I arrived home and began this surreal health odyssey. What an amazing journey it has been!
Since I last checked in here, so much has gone on at the Buffalo ranch. On Sept 27, my good friend, and local Native American Medicine man, Freddy Watkins, brought good medicine and powerful healing energy to our home. We had an amazing and soulful healing ceremony on our property that truly helped me lose some doubts and fears and open my soul to a higher level of healing.

Thanks to my old friend, Singer Songwriter and former Bonnie Raitt Bassist, Freebo and his wife Laurie, we had another Native American ceremony that same week. When hearing about my illness, Freebo contacted me by e-mail and phone, about a medicine man that his wife had done some work with. He urged us to open ourselves up for a healing ceremony from this amazing man. My wife, Lisa took it from there and together with Laurie and Freebo arranged to have Oglala Lakota Sioux Medicine Man, Warfield Moose Jr., along with his helper, singer, Sundance leader Shilo Clifford, travel out from Chicago to our property on Wednesday Sept 30, to hold a Yuwipi healing ceremony. We had about 17 of our close local friends join us for what truly ended up being a remarkable, life changing experience. I cannot explain in words the details, nor the experience itself, only to say that the emotional and spiritual high and the healing power that came to me through this ceremony are still with me and helping to carry me through this weird journey. I give special thanks to Freebo and Laurie and my dearest blessings to Warfield and Shilo for all that they gave in deepening both my strength and my faith in this healing progress.

It’s remarkable how the roller coaster ride of good days and tough days can test your ability to stay focused on the positive and the healing. I am so there in my core 24/7 … but when pain takes over, my mind goes into a protective place where my entire focus turns to getting away from the pain … and my ability to access the positive healing power within me seems impossible. It is at these times that the healers, the ceremonies and all of the prayers, thoughts and kindness that I have received from all around the globe, the care of all of my doctors and their assistants, along with the steadfast and loving care of my wife Lisa, all of these join together in my soul and give me strength to get through this and to keep the faith in the complete healing that is taking place in my body.

On the day following the Yuwipi ceremony I had my first chemo treatment. Six hours of hanging out in a room full of folks like myself, all going through their own challenges and emotions. I was sitting there, still riding high from the buzz and all the magic from the night before. Seeing other folks riding the same train truly helped to give me strength. There were even some friendships opened up that day. In the week following that treatment I've done pretty well, although there were certainly a couple rotten days, they were certainly not unexpected.

Last week after noting that my weight was continuing to drop, I chose to step away a little bit from the strict macrobiotic diet and have been eating food that my body is telling me it needs. I have gained back a little weight as well as some strength and am just going day to day trying to keep focused on the light of love and healing that surrounds me.

October 22
Paradise Post Article 10/22/2009
Buffalo, upbeat despite illness

In lieu of writing another blurb about my health, I am including the above link to an article that came out this morning in our noble local rag, the Paradise Post. I want to thank Trevor Warner for keeping the integrity and spirit of what I had to say intact, and for thinking me as deserving of a front page article.
Beyond that, while the tumor in my lung has receded a little bit, a couple of the tumors in my brain have grown. My doctors are now talking about the next step being full brain radiation and believe that I should begin that ASAP. Lisa and I are doing research into that as we speak and we are, as well, looking for insight, personal experiences, and or more knowledge or alternatives that any of you may have regarding that.
It sounds like such a daunting concept. As my brain is what connects me to my body and all of the gifts of love laughter, music, friendships and spirituality, I of course have some fears about how and what the radiation may effect. There is a heap more homework for us to do to learn about this before making choices and moving forward. Seems that the prayers and healing work did some good with my lungs, maybe we need to focus them more on my brain now. .... blessings to you!!

To my friends and fans who have dropped by my website to check out how I'm doing ... Thank you and bless you for all for your prayers, love and support. My condition has made It a challenge to keep this caught up here as often as I'd like. I'll keep doing my best. I am trying to focus my time and my spirit on healing ... and thus have been trying to stay off the computer as much as I can..

I am still putting all of my energy into healing my body, focusing all of my spirit on divine beauty, love and positive thinking. I, with the grace of God, will rise above and get through this. I am having to take time out for Norton ... (something I have not been very good at over the years), and learning the lessons that this twist in the road has to teach me. I truly believe that I will heal. I am not alone. I am so blessed to have my truly amazing angel, Lisa, by my side to help keep me on my path and to care for me ... and I have an army of friends, musical brothers and sisters as well as thousands of fans from around the world who are keeping me in their thoughts and prayers as I move into these perilous waters.

Feel free to drop me a note at the ''Fan Club E-Mail" link below:
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Although I am having a hard time keeping up with them, I do receive all of those e-mails and love hearing from you.

You may also send cards, letters etc., by regular mail to the address below:
Norton Buffalo & Lisa Flores
5905 D Clark Road
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As of today my mailbox has over 600 e-mails that I haven't gotten to ... While I may not respond to all of them, please know that I give thanks to you all for every word, every precious story and every prayer. They mean so much!!

blessings, Norton

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