5 Questions To Ask Before Buying CBD Oil In Australia

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most popular compounds that are found in both marijuana (cannabis sativa) and industrial hemp. This compound has shown a huge promise in curing various ailments like anxiety disorder, addiction, inflammation and others. Due to its therapeutic capabilities, CBD has been recently approved by the FDA as one of the main compounds in an epilepsy drug known as Epidiolex. That makes it the first cannabis product recognized by the federal government.

In the last one year, CBD has become the gateway to wellness world for many people around the globe, working its way to health, beauty and food industries. It has become one of the most sought-after ingredients in juices, cocktails, facial creams and pastries, purportedly giving its users immense health benefits without the high of its psychoactive counterpart, the THC. This remarkable step has earned aloud of applause from numerous people.


For people around the united states and beyond, marijuana remains to be a controlled substance – except in a few states where weed is legal. However, CBD Oil has proven to be the golden goose of this highly criticized industry.  As one of the products recognized by the federal government for its contribution to the health industry, CBD Oil is gaining popularity online.

While shopping CBD oil in the online market, it’s quite easy for users to buy the wrong product due to lack of information. For some people, the perceived benefits of the product tend to crowd their judgment when buying CBD oil online. Here are five essential question you need to ask before shopping for CBD oil brand online:

1. Is The Producer Accountable for The Results if a Third Party Carries Out Tests?

It’s obvious that most people don’t care to ask for a product’s lab test results when shopping for CBD oil. However, it extremely important to know whether the producers are willing to be accountable for third-party test results. That goes a long way to boost your confidence on the safety of the product, without even having to undergo unnecessary costs. Additionally, you are free to test the product in an independent lab if you doubt its safety.

2. What’s their Extraction Methods?

Industrial CBD oil producers use several methods to extract CBD from marijuana (or hemp). In many cases, this is not something that customers tend to omit in their list of considerations.  With that in mind, some companies use low-level methods that permit the use of toxic solvents. Some of the toxics include propane, butane, and hexane. These flammable hydrocarbons are also present in petroleum products.

If toxic solvents that have been used in the manufacturing process of the CBD oil, your health is highly compromised.  Your immune system could be put at risk by toxins like hexane, propane, and butane, among others. To avoid feeding poison to your body, you will want to know the extraction methods used to extract the CBD from the plant.

3. Are the Company’s Adverts Sugar-coated?

Do not buy into the idea of some companies that the use of hydrocarbon extraction method is a great idea. The illegality of butane stands as a very strong reason against it. And though some may convince you that the method is the best, its actually the opposite. The use of butane for extraction is affordable, but it is toxic when used. Cardiac and respiratory complications may be caused by inhaling traces of butane.

Some companies put forward the argument that pharmaceutical-ethanol can get rid of some amount of toxins as well as residues in a raw plant. The theory goes on to state that this method can result in a large number of cannabinoids. While this method is considered safe, it leads to the destruction of the plan’s waxes and results in less potent oil.

4. What’s the Australian Source of the CBD Oil?

Where the hemp comes from is crucial for two undeniable reasons; suppose the CBD does not originate from the U.S, it may be illegal since the government has set strict measures on the importation of marijuana-based products(especially in Australia). Also, it is prudent to question whether their CBD is organic or local because CBD is a farm-cultivated product.

View it this way, if you can be concerned about the nuts in the supermarket asking yourself whether they are organic or local, why not worry about CBD products?

Our favorite site for CBD is www.cbdoilaustralian.com which features great product and brand info relevant to Australia.

You may also want to consider the cultivation environment of the hemp. That’s because the cannabis plant can accumulate contaminants from the soil as it grows. The cannabis plant has a high affinity for toxic heavy metals. It is used in some cases to clean organic pollutants. So if the hemp has been cultivated from such environments, toxic traces are bound to be found in the CBD product that you purchase. Beware of the CBD oil circulating all over the internet since it may be produced in pathetic standards. People in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia have noticed this a lot.

5. Has the Whole Hemp Plant vs. Been Used?

Hemp plant vs. is an isolate that is used to derive the CBD from the plant. In some cases, isolates are not hemp and are synthesized in the laboratory. The use of the whole hemp vs. efficiency has stirred questions in the scientific world.

Contamination is another reason you should buy the whole plant. Isolates are difficult to identify their origin and can be easily imitated. Exotic laboratory-made isolates are relatively cheap compared to the local ones hence can be easily corrupted. Of late, Utah has come to grips with synthesized CBD after 52 fell ill from an isolate.  You should take time to study the brand’s products and practices even if the isolates seem genuine.

An additional factor that should be at the back of your mind is the amount of CBD per every serve.  Hemp extract can have little or lack actual CBD. The label should indicate the amount of CBD in a bottle and how much CBD is contained in a certain quantity.

Final Take:

While CBD oil has a range of essential health benefits and other cosmetic uses, it’s important to stay safe when using it. That means you need to use a product that fully takes adheres to all safety measures to ensure that it does not further compromise your body’s health. More importantly, we highly advise against the self-prescription of CBD oil from unknown sources as a treatment for any ailment.

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